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This site provides links to a mini-dissertation completed as part of an M.Ed. (Computer Assisted Education) at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1998.

Title: Telematic Teaching of Adults via the World Wide Web: a university case study

Author: Patsy Clarke (to her Homepage)


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This thesis investigates the feasibility of using the World Wide Web for the telematic teaching of adults i.e. methods of learning delivery/interaction that employ telecommunications media. The focus of the investigation was a Master's level course module presented via a Web-based 'virtual' classroom, to facilitate individual and collaborative projects.

Opinions and experiences of participants were monitored through electronic mail interviews with the course presenter and participating students.

To establish the effectiveness of interactivity and communication by electronic mail in enhancing Web-based learning, this study incorporates both qualitative and quantitative analyses of messages sent to a dedicated electronic mailing list during the course.

Overall the results of this study indicate that, provided students have access to stable and reliable telecommunication links, telematic methodologies can be effective facilitators of course delivery for both individual and collaborative projects. Moreover, email interaction and communication among course participants as well as between course participants and the course presenter, can be an invaluable enhancement to Web-delivered learning material.

Keywords: Telematic education; Web-based learning


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